About us:

My name is Pedro M. Cordova i am the proud new owner of my coming up business, A Cut Above Ltd. Concrete sawing, drilling and breaking. I lived here in Durango for about 3 years back in 2002. Where i worked as a concrete laborer. Pouring concrete and setting forms for foundations. During that time i got the opportunity to work as a "Concrete Cutters Helper" where my best friend Pete Rudolph showed me a lot of what i know now. Showed me how to Core Drill, Flat Saw, Wall saw, and little tricks in doing Demolition work. 

I moved back to my hometown of Bakersfield, CA and presumed in my line of work of becoming a "concrete cutter." There, my other co-workers showed me a lot more tricks of the trade. How to be more of a efficient concrete breaker and cutter. 

Finally i moved back to Durango, CO in 2007 where i got to pick up more experience from my good friend. By now i was a full blown "Professional Concrete Cutter" or "Pro Cutter". Since then i have provided my skills to the four corner area for about 9 years until i decided to go out on my own as a owner/operator for the new concrete sawing, drilling, and breaking company in town. A Cut Above Ltd.