A Cut Above Ltd.

Welcome to A Cut Above Ltd.

What We Offer

Concrete/Asphalt Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is used for varies phases of work. Need a clean edge to pour back concrete or put back asphalt? Need a trench for new plumbing? or just need to dice up a driveway for easy removal. 


Core Drilling is needed when you need to run new services through a foundation wall. For example electrical line, sewer, waterline or a new dryer vent. Also can be needed if you need pipe Ballard installed. 

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is used when you need a window or door cut out for a walk out basement. Egress windows. Maybe need to run duct work into a crawlspace or a crawlspace opening. Concrete, block or Brick, We saw it. 

Demo/ Breaking

We have over 15+ years of experience in demolition. Removing driveways, knocking down walls. Whatever it is, we've done it.